004 – Life Updates


So full disclosure… we recorded this episode almost a month ago, and despite the fact that I don’t edit it or anything, I’m just posting it now. The reason will be apparent when you listen. We been busy. All the adulating, in like… 2 months. Just cramming it all in there…

The Pilot Pt. 1


In our inaugural episode of Donut Not the Hole Johnny, Diana (Danielle) and Andy dig into the wellspring that is Twin Peaks! We intro some characters, give some facts, and get you ready for a wild ride through the sleepy Northwestern town of only 22,000.

003 – Morning Glory Kitty Cat Corner


It’s 11 am, do you know where you are? We kinda do… and we’ve decided to give a run down of our coffee rig that new and improved, talk about a brew day Andy had for a hot second, the ins and outs of sweet potatoes and finally we end on a rousing discussion about how we aren’t getting another cat but Danielle is looking anyway.

002 – Boozy Science Guy


After a lot fo technical mishaps, this episode finally goes off! There’s a lot of shoutouts in here too. Check out Nine Pin CiderShort and Stout Tea and Hopskeller Brewery! Topics include cider, tea, beer and a touch of wine. Because wine not.

001 – Teaser Trailer


Welcome to 30 Minute Minutes! Our first episode gets off to a rocky start since Andy messed up the recording on try one. That doesn’t count as editing! It was a do over. But topics include who shouldn’t listen, what the hell is happening, why is there a cat in the sink, and trailers for Jurassic World and Avengers: Infinity War! Welcome to a 30 minute, just a minute glimpse into our lives.

002 – F*ck Movies


Well 2017 is over. Not that we mention it in this episode. Instead we dwell on movies and films. What makes a good movie? Is it the auteur vision? The special effects? Dicks flying through the air in a game of keep away? Who knows really. Certainly not us. But wow, there’s some killer viewing suggestions in this one.

001 – Old School Shows


Welcome back to Dare to be Stupid! Here it is the first ‘real’ episode. What’s on Andy and Ryan’s minds today? Old School TV shows. You remember these gems right? Guts? Legends of the Hidden Temple? Law and Order SVU. Wait… that one’s still around. Oh well… get ready for 40+ minutes of raw nostalgia and fear of change!

000 – Testisode


Dare to be Stupid makes its glorious return to the podcast waves! But first, Andy and Ryan need to make sure everything is working in their secret recording studio. We present for your consideration, the Testisode.

Travel and Podcasts


Traveling seems to provide an excellent opportunity to get shit done when you have a bunch of podcasts to edit and a website to build. But here’s the joke. It doesn’t. Airport WiFi sucks, planes are small, and carrying two laptops is the worst thing ever. Especially when one is a 17″ aircraft carrier from Dell (the best intention of an overly enthusiastic employer). You might have a 2 hour lay over and plan to use all that great wasted time to edit audio and be productive. But you know what you really do? You drink at a bar and talk to other traveling co-workers because airports blow. Long story short, traveling and productivity don’t mix. Thank god none of these podcasts are live yet.

1d4 DMs: A Preface


Why did we decide to do this podcast? Mainly because we all talk about D&D and table top RPGs anyway, so why not record it. Also, being 4  DMs with 4 different styles and experience levels, we kind of figured our inane conversations might be informative. Entertaining at least. But we make no promises.

We have plenty of topics in mind to discuss, since we’re all running and playing in games right now. But that does not mean we aren’t open to suggestions. If there’s something you’d like to hear about, or some insight into a thing you’re dying to hear, feel free to ask. Hell, if you have questions, we’ll collect them up and do a Q&A cast. Whatever you want. Tweet at us @1d4dms, or send us an old fashion email at 1d4dms@thearistocasts.com. Just like a good DM, we’re really only hear for your entertainment.