Travel and Podcasts


Traveling seems to provide an excellent opportunity to get shit done when you have a bunch of podcasts to edit and a website to build. But here’s the joke. It doesn’t. Airport WiFi sucks, planes are small, and carrying two laptops is the worst thing ever. Especially when one is a 17″ aircraft carrier from Dell (the best intention of an overly enthusiastic employer). You might have a 2 hour lay over and plan to use all that great wasted time to edit audio and be productive. But you know what you really do? You drink at a bar and talk to other traveling co-workers because airports blow. Long story short, traveling and productivity don’t mix. Thank god none of these podcasts are live yet.

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1d4 DMs: A Preface


Why did we decide to do this podcast? Mainly because we all talk about D&D and table top RPGs anyway, so why not record it. Also, being 4  DMs with 4 different styles and experience levels, we kind of figured our inane conversations might be informative. Entertaining at least. But we make no promises.

We have plenty of topics in mind to discuss, since we’re all running and playing in games right now. But that does not mean we aren’t open to suggestions. If there’s something you’d like to hear about, or some insight into a thing you’re dying to hear, feel free to ask. Hell, if you have questions, we’ll collect them up and do a Q&A cast. Whatever you want. Tweet at us @1d4dms, or send us an old fashion email at Just like a good DM, we’re really only hear for your entertainment.

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