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What is Dare to be Stupid? Well… it’s a podcast, and by all measure, it’s the best podcast ever created. Originally started back in 2007, the super original Dare to be Stupid was 2 hours of insanity and the rambles of mad men. It was still just Ryan and I but we were just holed up in a bedroom, with crappy mics duct taped to clamps, clamped to a bed frame. It was pretty bare bones, and not very good. Don’t get me wrong, it was still bizarre and funny as hell, but 2 hours is a long-ass time to listen to two people talk about nothing. There were no topics, no rules, no nothing. It was a direct reaction to the restrictions of the regular broadcast medium, so we just kind of went for it.

Flash forward 3 years. Dare to be Stupid returns! In this iteration, we talked about things! We picked a topic and riffed on it. We still used crappy mics, but this time there were mic stands involved. We upgraded from office chairs to a comfy couch. Oh and we leased an old underground bunker / missile silo from the US government in return for… favors. We turned this unnamed cave into our production studio and rocked the podcast world. Well… not really. No one listened still, things got pricey, and Ryan and I had to take a brief… hiatus. Let’s leave it at that.

Fast forward now to 2017. The country is in chaos. Everything seems to be falling apart. Celebrities are dying en mass. We paid our debt, and it seemed like it was time to return. Taking the studio out of mothballs, clearing out a few demons that had taken up residence, and fortifying the soft Pleistocene alluvials, we moved back in, vowing not to abandon the studio until the world was right again. And probably not after that either. We have no place else to go.

Coming back with fresh eyes, and a fresh intern, we’re going to pick topics, riff on them and spread knowledge and joy to the listening public. We’re also going to keep it to about 30 – 40 minutes and try not to yell at you quite as much. A listening experience for the entire family*, Dare to be Stupid is back with a quality program!

*If you’re family has no real moral compass, is all above the age of 25, can take a fucking joke, doesn’t mind the casual – or not so casual – swear, encourages violence, is not a Trump, and has 30 – 40 minutes they don’t care about.
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